Starting a new school can be daunting for you and your child, but West Berkshire Clothing is here to help to make buying their uniform a stress-free experience.


Measure your child beforehand, and use our sizing guide for each garment. Our guide shows the size ranges for our most popular styles. Please order in plenty of time, particularly if you think you may need clothes altered and in time of exchanges to be made. 

Remember we have a 30-day returns policy so if your child has a growth spurt before the start of term you can exchange items easily later on.


Garments such as polos and shirts worn under jumpers or mid-layers may not need to be changed every day. However, layers such as jumpers should be doubled up as mess throughout the day and spacing out laundry throughout the week. 
Ties tend to get lost, so often parents like to keep a spare to avoid consequences from the school. Some schools have a quantity requirement for certain items, please get in contact with the school and they will inform you. 


Blazers: Sleeves of the blazers should finish on the knuckle of the thumb, it will sometimes be required to fold the sleeve inside the sleeve to achieve this and allow for growth.

Waist Sizing: Always measure the waist at the natural waistline, not where the waistband of the item will sit. For skirts, trousers and PE shorts, this measurement (in inches) will equate to the required size.

Skirt Length: We recommend skirts to be on or just above the knee. Please bear in mind the school's requirements.

Tights: These differ from the season. The higher the denier, the thicker the tights e.g. 70 denier is quite thick, 40 denier is finer and 15 denier is quite sheer e.g. for Summer wear.


This will not take extra time when ordered online. If you have purchased the item without the initial being done please allow up to 20 minutes, if you come at a peak period you may have to come back for collection at the unit.

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